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Top 5 Corporate Video Examples For 2023

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Top 5 Corporate Video Examples For 2023 2

Videos are all around us. From our television sets to phones and laptops to giant billboards, videos have evolved as the new paradigm for advertising. Besides, long gone are the days when corporate videos were considered a luxury reserved for only a few wealthy corporations. 

Corporate videos can be the best ingredient for your marketing strategy. But while videos are practical and efficient for marketing strategies, you should always know what video is to be used and where it needs to be shared. One video may look better to you; however, it often depends on what you are sharing and what type of audience you have.

1. Brand Video/Brand Story

This is the video that ideally sits on your “Home” page or “About” page. Therefore, it needs to represent your brand in one short, engaging video. 

You can use a brand video to convey your brand story, highlight your brand values and what you stand for, or perhaps state what you do and how you stand out from your competition. A brand video should be the flagship video content that clearly conveys who you are and why they should be looking at your site.

People consider your brand as your name, and it’s the first impression of your organization, so before adding any video for marketing purposes, make sure that it describes your brand adequately so the audience can easily understand your ideas and motives.

2. Social Media Videos

Social media videos are primarily focused on niche-specific groups of consumers and are a very effective marketing tool. These videos are generally short in length and drive engagement. More engagement drives visibility through sharing of content, leading to more clicks on your page and sometimes even more follows!

Besides, these videos need not be focused entirely on a single product or service. Even creating videos that tie into specific events or news work can do wonders to catch viewers’ attention. 

Create engaging, fun, witty, or captivating videos that represent your brand well, while appealing to your target market’s preferences and requirements. Narrate a story, create a sequence of videos as part of your social media ad campaign, or report a fantastic experience relevant to your products or services.

3. Corporate Event Videos

Putting on an event takes an incredible amount of work. Whether you’re hosting a small expert Q&A forum at your office or going all out and sponsoring a major conference in an entirely different city, events can offer you a deceptively high ROI – but only if you know how to make the most out of every event you put on.

But how do you do that?

One of the best ways is by filming it! Capturing your event on video is a crazy easy way to make your event last and a highly cost-effective way to spread brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand authority.

And the best part is event videos can be used before, during, and after an event to boost your promotional efforts, marketing efforts, lead generation efforts, and more.

Your video’s primary goal should be to capture the heart, feel, and purpose of your event. Capturing that while balancing your brand’s overall messaging can be tough, though. Not to mention putting on an event itself is complicated and stressful. From picking the right event management software to setting up, presenting, and breaking down, adding the logistics of filming can seem overly complex or difficult.

But we’re here to tell you – it’s not! Filming an event is actually incredibly easy (with the right team on your side) and the payoffs are huge.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways filming your next event can help you and your company grows.

4. Corporate Training Videos

Enterprises create training videos to instruct employees and communicate about new products or procedures, policies, and compliance, health, and safety, career and skills development, etc. Video-based training is also very beneficial for HR-related uses, such as new employee onboarding.

Video offers many advantages over other forms of corporate training that warrant it a prominent place in any corporate training strategy. Corporate training videos enable asynchronous learning, meaning students aren’t limited by place and time. This makes training easily scalable and accessible. Video also has great pedagogical value, boosting learning and development in many ways.

5. Customer Testimonials

A corporate testimonial video is more than just a review. It reveals the story of how your product or service solved a customer problem. Besides, it highlights your brand and its products or services positively.

And what better way to promote your products or services than to feature someone who has already used them. An element of trust and familiarity, a testimonial video certainly goes a long way to connect with potential customers. 

Testimonial videos often play a significant role in shaping a buyer’s decision. Therefore, make sure to share on your website, social media accounts, and even via email marketing to reach out to a substantial target audience.

With these examples in mind, contact SeanG Productions today to create your own customized corporate video. Together, we will develop customized content, build your brand, and strengthen your online presence!

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